2013 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

2013 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings:

by The Football Brainiacs

1. Jimmy Graham - Jimmy Graham is a Stud! If someone told me Graham is going to have 1300 yds and 11 TD’s I would believe it, hell he did it in 2011. This guy is the truth, not to mention that Drew Brees is his QB. Graham should  have another strong season, I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

2. Rob Gronkowski - Gronk is the only TE that could challenge Jimmy Graham for the No. 1 spot. The only problem is that Gronk is recovering from a broken forearm and back surgery, remember Gronk had back issues in college at Arizona. If you don’t get Graham don’t panic because Gronk is also a STUD.

3. Tony Gonzalez - GONZO! Yea Gonzo makes it in my top 3. Every year he seems to score points. He plays in a fantastic offense and he’s going to get alot of balls thrown his way. I mean who is going to cover him when defenses have to worry about Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Steven Jackson? This is going to be a fun season in ATL.

4. Jason Witten - This is a grown ass man! He plays through injuries and he never complains. I think that Witten is going to have a very good season, Dez Bryant is taking that next step and Miles Austin appears to be healthy. Witten should have more TD’s than he had last season.

5. Brandon Myers - Every year the starting TE for the New York Giants has a good year. There is a reason for that, Eli Manning likes to throw the ball to his TE’s when the pocket is collapsing and in the Redzone. Myers had a breakout year last and I think this year could be better.

6. Greg Olsen - Olsen had a breakout year last season and I don’t see any reason why he can’t continue making strides. Olsen will probably keep it going and score at least 6 TD’s.

7. Kyle Rudolph - Last year Rudolph had 9 TD’s and there was no other receiving threat. The Vikings have added Greg Jennings and Cordarelle Patterson so that should create more opportunities for Rudolph.

8. Jermichael Finley - Finley cannot afford to have another season like last year. Reports out of Green Bay suggest that Finley has had a fantastic camp and may be in line for a solid season. He certainly has the potential but will he learn how to catch the Ball? I sure hope so.

9. Vernon Davis - Ranking Davis this high scares me. He might be a big part of the 49ers offense but when Kaepernick became the starting QB Davis’s targets where few and far between. Reports are suggesting that they are lining him up at WR as well as TE so that should boost his stock.

10. Antonio Gates - Gates had a down year last season and he still scored 7 TD’s which is more than just 4 other TE’s. I don’t buy the argument that he is old and slow. Reports out of San Diego are claiming that he looks fast and he has shed more than just a few pounds. I would be fine with Gates as my starting TE.

11. Jared Cook - Cook is blazing fast for a TE and he is going to be a nightmare matchup for the St. Louis Rams. He had his best season in TEN with HC Jeff Fisher in 2011 whom happens to be his HC in St. Louis.

12. Jermaine Gresham - Alot of people think that Gresham’s stock took a hit when the Bengals drafted Tyler Eifert. I think its going to help him get more open looks. Gresham has been consistently good averaging 5 TD’s and 600 yards over the past 3 years.

13. Owen Daniels - Daniels finally looked like he was getting back to his pre-torn ACL form last year. If he continues to move forward he will be a solid TE-1. Plus the addition of DeAndre Hopkins should help get him some open look in Play Action.


14. Dustin Keller - Keller made then change from the New York Jets to the Miami Dolphins. He is a seam threat TE that should get plenty of options on Miami especially with Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, and Lamar Miller commanding attention. This could possibly be a career year for Keller as he searches for a big money contract for next season.

15. Martellus Bennett - I was extremely high on Bennett last year but this year I am not so sure his ceiling is as high this year as last. If HC Marc Treastman features the TE in his offense he will have a very good season but I don’t know if it will. I have many questions thus his low ranking.

16. Brandon Pettigrew - If Pettigrew comes back healthy which he should I think a repeat of 2012 should be a fair assumption especially with the addition of Reggie bush, and emergence of Ryan Broyles clearing the middle of the field. Not to mention Calvin Johnson demands quadruple coverage.

17. Jordan Cameron – *Sleeper* Cameron could possibly be that breakout star everyone is looking for at the TE position. His HC Rob Chudzinski is a TE Guru and his OC Norv Turner loves to implement the TE in the Gameplan. Cameron is going to be a fantasy STUD this season.

18. Fred Davis - Fred Davis is a physical freak at the TE position. He was on pace for over 700 yards last season but an injury derailed his year. He will be fighting for a contract this season so I expect a good year from Fred Davis.

19. Rob Housler – *Sleeper* Housler’s potential like Cameron is through the roof. HC Arian’s singled out as a reason he was excited to take the HC job at Arizona. Housler is a seam threat like Cameron and there is a big possibility he blows up this year.

20. Scott Chandler - Chandler is coming off of an injury and a career year. He should be a safety valve for whoever is the QB in Buffalo.

21. Marcedes Lewis - I know he was a huge bust 2 years ago but he had 4 TD’s and over 500 yards receiving last year. He should get you a few TD’s and plenty of yardage.

22. Julius Thomas - *Sleeper* Oh yea that’s another sleeper for you. Reports out od Denver suggest that Thomas started due to injuries but is literally running with the starting job. Draft him as your No. 2 and stash him on the roster. He has tremendous upside.

23. Delanie Walker - Walker has the ability to block and receive, which is important because they don’t have to take him off the field. I has the chance finally to be a playmaker. Lets see what happens.

24. Heath Miller - Heath Miller had the best season of his career last year and although he had a serious knee injury late last season the Steelers believe he will be back in time for week 1. If he is he should be drafted way ahead of his ranking. So keep your eye on his injury news.


25. Dallas Clark - Clark was signed by the Baltimore Ravens due to Ed Dickson’s slight hamstring tear. There is fear in the organization that Dickson will not be ready for week 1. If that is the case Dallas Clark will start and he may not give up the job.

26. Dwayne Allen - Allen had a good year last year but is currently recovering from an injury. The colts have also changed there offense so he may not have the same impact as last year.


27. Tyler Eifert - Eifert is a tremendous option at the TE position and he is going to get plenty of looks. He is a good TE to stash as your backup and plug him in on a bye week.

28. Coby Fleener - Fleener should have a better year this year especially with the new offense. The one concern I have with him is that he suffered a concussion last year and just had another in his 2013 preseason debut. It seems like he should be fine but watch for any news breaks regarding his injury.

29. Zack Ertz - Reports out of Philadelphia suggest that there best bet at receiving TE is Zack Ertz and that he has been as good as advertised. He has some upside in Philadelphia’s offense.

30. Jeff Cumberland - Cumberland is a starting TE for a position that is usually in use for the New York Jets. Low end No. 2.

31. David Ausberry - The Oakland Raiders usually have a solid group of TE’s ready to pick up the slack when the time comes. Ausberry should be a solid No. 2 for fantasy football.

32. Ed Dickson - If Dickson comes back before week 1 he has upside to keep up the starting TE spot, If not he just might lose it to Dallas Clark.

33. Zach Miller - Miller has not been productive in Seattle. If you draft Miller he should only be used as a fill in for your starters bye week.

34. Travis Kelce - Kelcie looks like he is in line to be the receiving TE in Kansas City. He has some upside but he looks like he should be waiver wire fodder.





2013 fantasy football Wide Receiver rankings

2013 fantasy football Wide Receiver rankings: 

by The Football Brainiacs

1. Dez Bryant - Yea you read that right Dez Bryant is listed ahead of Calvin Johnson. I know what you think, this guy is crazy!! Well you know what yea maybe I am a little crazy because I think that if Bryant stays out of trouble he could have a Huge season. Dallas’s SOS is very week and I got to say Dez Bryant really intrigues me, I honestly believe that he may be the No.1 WR in fantasy football in 2013.

2. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson - Johnson is a freak specimen. He is the best WR in the NFL hands down but this ranking is based on fantasy football. Johnson is going to get his catches especially with the addition of Reggie Bush. Matt Stafford loves to sling the ball to Johnson in quadruple coverage and somehow he still comes down with it. Detroit’s SOS is much tougher than Dallas’s so that’s also a reason for the drop to No. 2. Expect big things from Megatron again this season.


3. Demaryius Thomas - Like Calvin Johnson, Thomas is a physical freak. Thomas had a break out year last year and he was consistently double covered. The addition of Wes Welker should allow him to get some Single coverage here and there allowing some big plays. I have extremely high hopes for this guy.

4. A.J. Green - I know this is another controversial selection to have Green listed lower than Thomas but I think this year he will not be as productive as Thomas. The Cincinnati Bengals go up against some of the best pass D’s every week next year and that is going to make it really difficult for A.J. Green to have another breakout year back to back. Even with my concerns I have Green ranked in my top 4.

5. Julio Jones - Another WR that I am extremely high on, Julio Jones. I think that this is the year that Jones puts it all together and takes over for Roddy White as the No. 1 WR for Matt Ryan. Jones is going to be an absolute STUD this year mark my words. STUD!

6. Brandon Marshall - BMarsh may have a tough year this season. HC Marc Treastman is going to want to spread the ball around more to his other weapons which may actually help Marshall but I just don’t know if this offense is going to translate well to this level of play  in the NFL. If you draft BMarsh draft another top flight WR to cover yourself.

7. Larry Fitzgerald - Larry Fitzgerald is another WR that has the potential to be the No. 1 Fantasy WR but has been hindered by his QB play. This year his HC Bruce Arians wants to throw the football which boosts Fitz’s stock big time. Carson Palmer is his QB instead of John Skelton. Watchout this could be the comeback player of the year.

8. Randall Cobb - I have to say I am not a huge fan of Randall Cobb but with Jennings out of the mix, Cobb’s stock went through the roof. He gets a consistent amount of looks every week and hey he is without a doubt productive. Cobb’s potential to be a top 5 fantasy WR is legit.

9. Roddy White - Although I believe Jones is going to get the bulk of the targets in ATL. I believe White is going to remain very consistent, hear me out. Jones is going to pull the majority of Double teams which leaves White for one on one, He is going to take advantage of that on a weekly basis. White should reel in 8-10 TD’s with about 1300 yards.

10. Victor Cruz - Cruz is so good at what he does, He exploits everybody he gets matched up against. I usually don’t like ranking slot receivers in the WR-1 category but man you can’t argue with Cruz’s production. For the past two seasons he has averaged 9.5 TD’s and 1320 yards, I’ll take that from my No. 1 WR all day.

11. Andre Johnson - It pains me to rank Johnson so low because he is such a good receiver, but the facts are the facts. Johnson has not scored more than 4 TD’s in the past two seasons. Watching him last year you couldn’t help but notice that he has definitely lost a step. Hopkins whom the team drafted in the first round should alleviate some of the coverage so look for a bit of a bounce back year from Johnson.

12. Vincent Jackson - I’m not going to lie I was extremely skeptical of Jackson prior to last season because I didn’t know what the Bucs offense was going to look like. Jackson had immediate chemistry with Josh Freeman and was unstoppable some weeks. Jackson will have another strong season in Tampa Bay and should be a solid WR-1 in most leagues.

13. Marques Colston - Colston  is the No.1 WR in New Orleans. He is guaranteed to get you 1100 yards and at least 8 TD’s. The only problem I have with Colston is that he always seems to come down with an injury, last year he miraculously played in all 16 games a feat he has accomplished only twice before in 7 years. Colston is also having a bout with plantar fasciitis and was just activated off the pup list on August 5th. If you draft Colston draft another WR immediately.

14. Hakeem Nicks - When this Dude is healthy he is a Top 5 fantasy WR. The only problem is that he hasn’t been healthy for 2 seasons. Nicks is heading into his contract year and is already getting of Tom Coughlin’s bad side because he is holding himself out because of a possible injury. Nicks need to step up big this year or else he is going to get that contract he wants and the Giants will turn to Reuben Randle who impressed last year.

15. Dwayne Bowe - This is another WR that I am excited to see this year. Bowe will playing in Andy Reid’s west coast offense which favors the WR-1. Bowe should see plenty of targets this season. I hope they translate to TD’s, he probably won’t have 15 TD’s like in 2010 but I think 9-10 TD’s is a good projection.

16. Pierre Garcon - When Garcon was on the field with RG3 there was nobody else getting targets. They were lighting it up, but then Garcon came down with an injury and he didn’t come back til the end of the year. If Garcon comes back healthy, I project 11-12 TD’s and 1300 yards. He is not ranked higher because of injury concerns.

17. Reggie Wayne - Wayne will have over 1250 yards receiving but he has never been a real TD threat or at least he hasn’t for the past few years. If you want a WR thats going to get you guranteed point off of yards every week than Reggie Wayne is your guy, don’t expect alot of TD’s.


18. Wes Welker - I think Wes is going to have another solid season with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. I do have to say that I was shocked when he chose Denver over New England, but hey he has another future HOFer throwing him the ball there so what the hell. I think 1050 yards and 7 TD’s is a good projection.


19. Danny Amendola - If Amendola stays healthy all year he has the goods to be a top-15 fantasy WR. Tom Brady loves to throw the ball to smart savvy WR’s which is exactly what Amendola is. He knows where to line up and how to read defenses, he is going to find the weaknesses and he will get there so Brady throws him the ball.


20. Mike Wallace - There is alot of risk in drafting Mike Wallace but if he produces there is alot of reward. This guy has speed to burn, if your league gives bonuses for long TD’s Wallace might be a hot commodity. There is some concern that Wallace and Tannehill don’t have great chemistry but come on they have only played preseason and the pass protection in Miami has been horrible. If Miami could give Tannehill time to throw Wallace will exploit the defense. I guarantee Miami will fix there pass pro problems.

21. James Jones - No Receiver had as many TD’s as James Jones did last year. Jones stormed on to the scene and kept it going all season long. I think he will build off of last season but I don’t think he will score 14 TD’s again. I am a little more conservative and would say 10 TD’s is a possibility for Jones.

22. Eric Decker - I think Decker is going to be one of the key pieces to the Broncos offense again. He is their second look in the red zone and gets one on one coverage for most of the game. Decker will have another solid season and will easily be a high end WR-2 in Fantasy Football.

23. Torrey Smith - I am not a fan of Torrey Smith. For some reason he always comes up short. I can’t pinpoint it but I just don’t see the IT factor when it comes to Torrey Smith. I have him ranked in my top 30 because of his potential, that’s it.

24. Jordy Nelson - Surprise! Surprise! another GB WR. Jordy Nelson does the dirty work in this offense. I think he is going to have a bounce back season coming up. He is coming off a surgery but should be good to go for week one. Keep a close eye on his recovery just in case there are complications.

25. Antonio Brown - Brown is consistently good but not great. The one problem I see with Antonio Brown is that he has never surpassed 5 TD’s in any of his seasons. Don’t expect him to blow up with 10 TD’s now because Wallace is gone. He will get you consistent points every week.


26. Steve Smith - It seems like every season Smith is a force to be reckoned with, but last year was a down year for him and I see that trend continuing. He is 33 years old and at the end of his career. He will get you 1000 yards and probably 6 TD’s but I wouldn’t expect much more than that.

27. Desean Jackson - Reports out of Eagles camp is that Jackson looks rejuvenated and he is tearing up the practices. He supposedly torched Aqib Talib every day when they had joint practices and then he did it again for a 47 yard TD in his first preseason game for 2013. Let me just remind you that Aqib Talib is one of the best cover corners in the NFL. I think Jackson is going to have a HUGE season in Chip Kelly’s new offense.


28. Steve Johnson - I am a little down on Johnson this year because I don’t know how effective the Bills passing attack is going to be. I expect a good season out of Johnson though so he is a very good lowwwww end WR-2 and high end WR-3.


29. Greg Jennings - Jennings’s stock took a huge hit when he elected to sign with Minnesota. Christian Ponder is one of the worst starting QB’s in the NFL. I hope I am wrong and Jennings has a big year because I know he has the ability to tear it up. I guess you can say I feel the same way about Jennings this year as I did Vincent Jackson last year and I was wrong. So Jennings could be a high end WR-2 but lets rank him at WR-3 territory just in case.


30. Golden Tate – *Sleeper* Reports out of Seattle are saying that Tate has been tearing up training camp and has been consistently out jumping DB’s for the catch. Supposedly he is the best healthy WR on their roster and he is their No.1. I have to say Golden Tate really intrigues me and I would draft him as my WR-3.


31. Emmanuel Sanders - Supposedly the Pittsburgh Steelers are expecting Sanders to take on Mike Wallace’s role and have over 1000 yards and 8+ TD’s. I think Sanders is a solid pick in this point in the rankings. I expect a breakout year from Sanders but I don’t think he falls under the sleeper category because everybody knows about him, too easy.


32. Anquan Boldin - It’s interesting to see if Boldin has the same affect on the game as Crabtree did during the playoffs. I think his game translates well to San Francisco and he should have a solid year, probably better than he did in Baltimore.


33. Miles Austin - He can run for Miles! and Miles! When Miles Austin is healthy he is one of the top WR’s in the league. He does everything exceptionally well but he is ranked this low because he is not Dez Bryant. I expect Austin to have a bounce back year and hey he averages 7 TD’s and 850 yards, who wouldn’t take that as there No. 3 Fantasy wideout. Hell I know I would.

34. Vincent Brown - Another WR that needs to stay healthy this season. The Chargers organization have been excited by Vincent Brown for about 2 years but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. With the recent injury to Malcolm Floyd (sprained knee), Brown is the favorite to be the No. 1. Brown is looking like a solid No. 3 WR.


35. Mike Williams - Last year Williams came one extremely strong with 996 yards and 9 TD’s. There is alot of reasons to be excited about Mike Williams especially since he gets alot of one on one coverage due to Vincent Jackson stretching the field.

36. Lance Moore - Who’s throwing Lance Moore the ball? Oh yea that’s right its Drew Brees. Expect Moore to continue to consistently produce, average of 7 TD’s and 850 yards. Last year he broke out with over 1000 yards but he probably will not repeat that.

37. T.Y. Hilton - Where there many rookie WR’s more exciting than T.Y. Hilton? No no there wasn’t. Hilton sort of reminds me of a younger Mike Wallace, stretches the field every week. At one point it seemed like he was getting a 40 yard TD every week.

38. Kenny Britt - If your looking for a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD player at this point in the rankings then look no further than Kenny Britt. When Kenny Britt is healthy he is unstoppable. The problem is he is never healthy, If you draft Britt take another WR-3 soon. If he stays healthy he will make you look like a genius.

39. Chris Givens - *Sleeper* Everybody I have spoke to thinks Tavon Austin is going to be the shiny toy in St. Louis but I think it’s Givens. Givens is supposedly shining in Camp and has looked like the best WR hands down. Expect good WR-3 production if your smart enough to pick him up.

40. Santonio Holmes - Depending on how he comes back from injury Holmes could be a solid WR-2 in most leagues. Although his QB play might be really sloppy. Keep an eye on newbreaks for Holmes.


41. Tavon Austin - The St. Louis Rams are going to line this guy up all over the field. They are hoping that he is the next Percy Harvin which is a possibility. Austin should be a playmaker from the get so if you draft him make sure he is in your lineup. One thing I will say is don’t get too excited and draft him in the 4th round! There are people that do that, Don’t be that guy.

42. Kendall Wright - I like Kendall Wright but the fact that his QB is Jake Locker scares me. Don’t get me wrong Locker is a good QB he just gets injured alot. Wright should have a good season something similar to T.Y. Hilton last year, 700 plus yards and 7 TD’s.

43. Cecil Shorts III - If Shorts was on another team he would be in my top 30 but sadly he is not and he falls into the 40s. I don’t know who is going to be throwing him the ball. Sad because this guy has loads of potential in Fantasy Football.

44. Sidney Rice - A solid WR that’s going to get his catches every week. Wasn’t overly spectacular last  year but still got the job done with 748 yards and 7 TD’s. He should be a good pick up as a WR-4 or WR-5.

45. Justin Blackmon - Blackmon has issues on top of that he is suspended for the first four games of the season. Blackmon was starting to put it all together last year but now he has taken a step back. I hope he plays well this year because he has loads of potential.

46. Brian Hartline - Hartline has the ability to be another Eric Decker. He may be another Eric Decker this season. With most of the attention on Mike Wallace and Dustin Keller, Hartline should be a very good WR-3 in Fantasy Football. Look for a big year out of Brian Harltine.

47. Michael Floyd – *Sleeper* Floyd may be a BIG TIME sleeper this year. Like I said when I wrote about Fitzgerald, HC Bruce Arians loves to throw the football Vertically. That plays to the strengths of Floyd. This should be a big year for Michael Floyd.

48. Kenbrell Thompkins – *Sleeper* This guy may be the star alot of people are looking for to stash on their roster. Reports out of New England suggests that he has be earning the trust of Tom Brady and he is even playing ahead of second rounder Aaron Dobson. If Thompkins loses his starting spot to Dobson then Dobson will be the sleeper but I don’t see that happening the way this guy has been practicing.

49. Rod Streater - *Sleeper* Streater has supposedly been the most consistent WR in training camp for the Oakland Raiders and has developed some chemistry with QB Matt Flynn. Streater may be in line for a solid season, 900+ yards and 8 TD’s.

50. Denarius Moore  - Moore may not be as effective as he was the past few seasons because Matt Flynn cannot sling the rock like Carson Palmer did which is how Moore got most of his production. Expect an OK season but not what your used to from Moore.

51. Riley Cooper - Even after everything was said and done in Philadelphia Riley Cooper is one of the starting WR’s in a very potent offense. Cooper should be a threat in the redzone and on third downs. He will definitely get some TD’s when you need them.

52. Deandre Hopkins - This rookie should have a solid season. Houston runs a run first offense so he won’t get as many looks as he would elsewhere but they will put him in the position to cash in. I think 5-6 TD’s with about 700 yards is a fair projection.

53. Ryan Broyles – *Sleeper* Here he is folks, between him and Michael Floyd they are my biggest fantasy sleepers at ALL positions. I am so high on this guy that I think he will have Anquan Boldin like numbers when he was in Arizona. Expect BIG things from Ryan Broyles, I know the Lions are.

54. Josh Gordon - I am really torn on where to rank this guy. His potential is sky high but he acts like a child. His conditioning is a concern to the new coaching staff and he is suspended for the first 2 games of the season. If you draft he better be a player your just stashing on your roster and hoping he produces.

55. Malcom Floyd - Floyd is always consistent and he is contributes every week. He will put up points when you need him on a bye week.

56. Alshon Jeffrey - When asked what excited him more about Chicago’s offense HC Marc Treastman said he was excited about working with Alson Jeffrey. Jeffrey may be a huge part of the offense but that is yet to be seen. With Brandon Marshall commanding quadruple teams Jeffrey should get open on several occasions.

57. Markus Wheaton – *Sleeper* I think this guy is going to be a STUD! If Emmanuel Sanders does not produce Wheaton will be there waiting to pick up the slack. Do not sleep on this guy I am sure someone is going to try and stash him on their roster.

58. Cordarelle Patterson - If Ponder wasn’t his quarterback I would have him ranked higher. Patterson has alot of ability but like Jennings he is hampered by the production of Christian Ponder.

59. Greg Little - Little has alot of potential and I think he is going to have a very good season. In fact I like him more than Josh Gordon. I think Little could be a very very good WR-4 / WR-5. Keep your eye on him.


60. Percy Harvin - Percy Harvin got injured but he may still comeback around Thanksgiving. If you draft Harvin it’s to stash him until he comes back.

61. Aaron Dobson - If he can beat out Thompkins, Dobson could be a huge fantasy factor but until then take a wait and see approach.

62. Mohamed Sanu - Sanu played extremely well until he got injured. Sanu has loads of potential and is probably going to produce some solid numbers. He has the potential to be a WR-3 but at this point in time WR-5 category is where he should be ranked.

63. Kenny Stills – *Sleeper* Stills has huge upside in the New Orleans offense. He could be a huge factor in fantasy football this year. Watch him and if you can stash him on your roster because it will pay dividends.

64. Brandon Lafell - Lafell is a starting a WR in the NFL. I don’t think he is going to be very productive but the is some upside here.

65. Jacoby Jones - Jones didn’t produce as a starter in Houston but maybe he will in Baltimore. He could have a good season but I wouldn’t expect anything spectacular.

66. Reuben Randle - He may have a repeat statistical year but if Hakeem Nicks gets injured then Randle could be a force to reckon with. Randle is definitely someone you should keep your eye on.


67. Andre Roberts - Slot receiver for the Cardinals should get some TD’s this season and some yardage.

68. Harry Douglas - Harry Douglas should stay consistent and get similar stats this year. He will be a good fill in when you need him in a bye week.

69. Robert Woods - This guy should have a good season. He has the potential to be the No.1 WR for Buffalo but he will have some difficulty beating out Steve Johnson. Look for Robert Woods to have a good year depending on EJ Manuel.

70. Stephen Hill - This guy has the potential to be a freaking beast! I don’t know how his QB situation is shaping out though. Depending on his QB play Hill could breakout and have a very good season.

71. Jon Baldwin - I don’t know why but the Chiefs seem to like Baldwin. They have him ranked as a starter next to Bowe. If Andy Reid can figure out a way to use this guys talent then he may be a good WR, I don’t see it. Baldwin could be a good WR if they use him to his potential.

72. Keenan Allen - If Allen can somehow leapfrog Vincent Brown then his value will got shot threw the roof. Right now at this point it does not look like the case so just keep an eye on him.

73. Nate Washington - Nasty Nate Washington. Every year this guy scores TD’s so if you need someone in a pinch take a look at Washington.

2013 fantasy football running back rankings

2013 fantasy football running back rankings:

Football Brainiacs style – Let’s Go!

1. Adrian Peterson - No surprise here. Peterson is a BEAST!!! It takes every guy on the defense to take him down. He will get plenty of carries with Ponder at QB. The addition of Jennings and Patterson should allow him to avoid 9 man fronts but that didn’t stop him last year so I wouldn’t even question taking him no.1 overall. If you have the No.1 pick take Peterson and ride him til the wheels fall off.

2. Arian Foster - I know he has injury concerns but he is extremely consistent at getting 12+ TD’s every season that he has been the unquestioned starter. If you can’t get Peterson go with Foster you won’t regret it. Some people are saying Doug Martin No. 2 but I just don’t see it yet. Last year Martin had one of the easiest strength of schedules all year and he averaged 4.6 ypc, This year he has middle of the pack SOS (strength of schedule). Meanwhile Foster had the 4th hardest SOS last year and he still scored 17 TD’s.

3. Trent Richardson - Big Boy Trent Richardson is going to have a hell of a year. A new offense has arrived in Cleveland and I think it’s going to help Richardson ten fold. New OC Norv Turner has a RB friendly offense that sets up off the run and should give Richardson plenty of options to score big points every week. Expect some screen passes and alot of play action. Richardson missed a game last year and still scored 12 total TD’s.

4. Doug Martin - Don’t get me wrong even though I ranked Martin No. 4 that doesn’t mean I don’t like him this season, quite the contrary. I do believe he will have a good season maybe even the best, I mean have you seen his Offensive Line? Those are some big boys led by Carl Nicks. Martin is so strong you have to completely wrap him up to take him down. He is going to break a few long runs and his offense is based off the run. Plus there is no RBC here so big plus.

5. Jamaal Charles - I round my top 5 with someone I believe has HUGE potential. He does everything great. His YPC Avg of 5.8 is among the best in HISTORY. The one problem I have with Charles is that he will always have injury concerns. There are reports that he may have sprained his foot in Training camp so look into this injury prior to drafting him. Andy Reid will use Charles relentlessly, Rushing, Screen passes and he will line up out wide. His low TD totals from prior season should not be a concern being that there is no goal line back and Andy Reid usually likes a workhorse.

6. CJ Spiller - If I wasn’t worried about a possible injury for Spiller he would be my No. 2. He has had injury concerns for just about every year he has been in the NFL. If he can stay healthy he will be a BEAST! New HC Doug Marrone is planning on feeding him the football “Until he throws up”. I don’t know about you but that makes me excited if I owned Spiller in my Fantasy Football league. Workhorse backs are not a dime a dozen anymore they are few and far between.

7. Marshawn Lynch - Someone get the man some skittles, we need him in Beast mode NOW. All joking aside Lynch had a career year last season and look for him to continue hitting his stride. He runs hard and Pete Carroll loves it. He opens up the offense for Russell Wilson, he will get plenty of carries. He is going to have some tough games but don’t give up on him he will reward you if you stick with him.

8. Lesean McCoy - McCoy should enjoy a solid season. He will get plenty of carries in Chip Kelly’s offense. He had a down season last year but I don’t think he will have a repeat season. I think that 1300 yds and 10 TD’s is a very good possibility for the multi-talented McCoy.

9. Ray Rice - Talk about a complete RB and my first thought is Ray Rice. I do have to say that owning Rice scares the hell out of me. He is going to get his carries but he is not the most consistent RB at this point. He is ranked this high due to his potential and prior production. I am also worried about his RBC with Bernard Pierce whom takes the goal line carries.

10. Maurice Jones-Drew - I know alot of people are low on MJD this season but not me. I think he may just be the comeback player of the year. Gabbert may hinder his production but he is the only offense the Jaguars have plus they added Luke Joeckel to the RT position which should dramatically help the running game.

11. Alfred Morris - With everybody and their mother trying to contain RGIII, Alfred Morris is ripping some very impressive runs. I expect a good season out of him but I don’t know if it will be on the same level as last season. He is not going to surprise defenses like he did last year. I think a safe bet is 10 TD’s and about 1,250 yards.


12. Steven Jackson - Father time his been very kind to S-Jax. He joins arguably one of the best teams and should have a very very good season. With all the weapons the Falcons have defenses will not be able to zone in on Jackson like they did when he was in St. Louis. He is going to get open and there are reports that he is even lining up at WR. I am excited for S-Jax and his fantasy outlook this season. Don’t sleep on him to long because someone will snatch him up.


13. Chris “CJ2K” Johnson - I am torn when it comes to Johnson. The fantasy GM in me wants to throw him off my draft board, but I just have this feeling in my gut that this guy is going to have a Monstrous season. He has NEVER had an offensive like he does this year. A big reason CJ Spiller exploded onto the scene last season was Andy Levitre an OG that decided to sign with the Titans. Then what do the Titans do they draft OG Chance Warmack arguably one of the best OG prospects to ever come out of the draft. Mark my words this guy is going to be a STUD!

14. Matt Forte - I have never really been a fan of Matt Forte. I will say that this year I am intrigued. His new HC Marc Treastman is an Offensive mastermind and if he uses Forte to his strengths than Forte could be a top 5-10 RB again. I wouldn’t go to high on Forte because I would like to see how he does in this offense first, but I think that 14th RB off the board is comparable to his production.

15. Demarco Murray - This guy has alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the potential in the world, BUT he cannot stay healthy to save his damn life! I would love to have Murray on my team when he is healthy but that is only for a short period of time. IF he can stay healthy he will be without a doubt one of the best RB’s in the league. If you draft Murray you better draft his backup Randle.

16. Darren Mcfadden - Mcfadden had a dreadful season last year because he is not a fit in a zone blocking team. The Raiders have gone back to a power blocking scheme and that should dramatically help his stock, but just like Murray this guy needs to stay HEALTHY! If he does he will be a very good RB 2 option.

17. Stevan Ridley - The New England Patriots run the ball more than people think. Ridley looked great last year and I think he will continue to produce this season. Vereen will probably come in on Passing downs but hey every down is a passing down to the Patriots so, I think 1250 yards and 10 TD’s is a good stat line projection for Ridley.

18. Frank Gore - I am interested to see Gore this season especially with the option. Last year he responded well with Kaepernick under center but now they have a full offseason together. I expect another solid season from this seasoned pro but beware if he looks like he is losing a step you might want to take a look at Kendall Hunter as a backup to handcuff him.

19. Reggie Bush - Bush may have the best year of his career in Detroit. Every year he has gotten better and better. I like the possibilities of him lining up next to CJ out wide or catching screen passes in the flats. My only question is will Detroit let him run between the tackles because that will affect his stock for this season.

20. Lamar Miller - The Dolphins believe in Miller and so do I. This kid is explosive he cuts quickly can read what the defense is giving him and explodes through the hole like he was shot out of a cannon. Miller has speed to burn so expect alot of long runs. Another great not for Miller is that there is no RBC he is the guy. *SLEEPER*

21. Rashard Mendenhall - Mendenhall leaves Pittsburgh and joins the Arizona Cardinals where he teams up with his old OC Bruce Arians. Arians likes the vertical passing game but he loves to set it up with the run especially when he was in Pittsburgh with Mendenhall. Expect a comeback year for Mendenhall. When Mendenhall was under Arians he had career years. I don’t think he will have a career year due to his O-Line but expect a solid RB-2 grade.

22. Le’veon Bell - If your looking for the next big time rookie to breakout, look no further because I believe it will be Bell. This guy fell into the perfect situation. Pittsburgh doesn’t have any RB that is going to challenge Bell for the starting RB spot. I think a solid projection for Bell is 1100 yards with 9-10 TD’s.

23. Chris Ivory - Ivory is a strong runner that will succeed in New York. Rex likes physical runners which plays right into Ivory’s strengths, literally. He should have over 300+ carriers and he could put up top-15 RB numbers but I just don’t trust the Jets Offense to move across the field into the redzone. If you draft Ivory he should be a low end RB-2 or high RB-3 option.

24. David Wilson - I like Wilson alot this year but he is going to have alot of his carries taken away by Andre Brown. If Wilson scores TD’s they are going to be for long gains and in some leagues that would be effective but it’s not something you can count on week to week, He will definetly get you yardage.

25. Ronnie Hillman - *Sleeper Alert* There are reports that Hillman is beating out Montee Ball for the starting RB spot in Denver. If this is true this guy is going to have a very good season. I would definitely draft him as my RB-2 if he is the winner of this RB battle in Denver.


26. Ryan Mathews - The Chargers are not tied to Ryan Mathews. It is imperative that he stays healthy. When he is healthy he is without a doubt the best RB on the Charges roster but he is never healthy. He goes into this season having to impress Mike McCoy his new HC. I think that he has great potential but if you draft him draft another RB fast! I just don’t trust this guy. He has all the ability just pray he stays healthy.

27. Darren Sproles - This guy is going to catch a ton of passes this year but he rushes are few and far between. He will get you yardage and some TD’s but he should be a RB-3 in most leagues. HC Sean Payton said he wants to control the game and run more so it’s yet to be seen if that will include Sproles, more than likely it will but I have my reservations.

28. Daryl Richardson - *SLEEPER* Reports out of St. Louis suggest that Richardson has won the starting RB battle. If this is the case I am excited. He is definitely one of my sleepers to have a big season. Richardson has a big O-Line that includes Jake Long. I expect 1150 yards and 8 TD’s.

29. Mark Ingram - If the Saints start to run the ball more like Sean Payton has suggested the guy that’s going to benefit the most is Mark Ingram. He is there best runner and that’s not an argument. Definitely worth a spot on your roster as a RB-3.

30. Eddie Lacy - Reports out of Green Bay suggest that Lacy has been the best RB in training camp and should be considered the starting RB for the Green Bay Packers. If this is true then he may be in for a solid season. Look for something similar to what Cedric Benson gave them for 1200 yards and 7-8 TD’s.

31. Shane Vereen - Vereen is not the starting RB but it appears that the Patriots are planning on using Vereen in the same role as they did Aaron Hernandez. This guy is a JOKER he will play in the backfield and out wide. Expect 9 TD’s split between running and receiving.

32. Benjarvus Green-Ellis - Green-Ellis was unspectacular last season and if he wants to keep his job he is going to need to step up. I honestly believe he is going to lose the starting RB job to Bernard but he will take the goal line carries. Don’t count on Green-Ellis as one of your week to week starters.

33. Giovani Bernard - This guy is electrifying, if you don’t believe me watch Hard Knocks the coaches are constantly talking about him. I think that he is going to push Green-Ellis for the starting RB position and I think he is going to win but I don’t see him scoring many TD’s because Green-Ellis will vulture them.

34. Ahmad Bradshaw - Reports out of Indianapolis is that Bradshaw is going to be starter when he gets healthy but like many RB’s on this list that is a rarity. If you draft Bradshaw make sure you handcuff him with Ballard. Based on the new offense Indy is running Bradshaw could have a good season. Probably something comparable to his NYG years.

35. Jonathan Stewart - Like some of the other RB’s in this ranking Stewart would be listed a bit higher but not that much if he cold just stay healthy. Chances are he won’t and you will have to handcuff him with Deangelo Williams.

36. Danny Woodhead - Reports out of San Diego is that the backfield will be a rotation and there will be no bellcow because Danny Woodhead can do to many things in the running and passing game. Draft him and expect a Darren Sproles like role.

37. Ben Tate - Ben Tate is a good RB that is stuck behind RB Arian Foster. Foster has some injury concerns going into the season so Tate may see an influx of carries that could boost his draft stock. Tate is someone to keep your eye on.

38. Vick Ballard - If you draft Bradshaw you better draft Ballard because chances are he is going to start a few games this year. Ballard is capable of having a good season in this offense if he is given the chance but I highly doubt he takes the job from Bradshaw who is a superior RB.

39. Montee Ball - If Hillman falls flat on his face then those GM’s that picked up Montee Ball are going to be so happy because this guy knows how to score TD’s. I don’t expect Hillman to fall flat on his face in fact I think he keeps the job but if I selected Hillman I would definitely handcuff him with Ball.

40. Andre Brown - Like alot of the RB’s taken late you are going to handcuff them with another player. In this case whoever drafted Wilson handcuff him with Brown. Brown will be drafted because he is a TD vulture and he will get you fantasy points when your stud RB is on a bye week.


41. Deangelo Williams - Williams went from fantasy stud to dud in one damn year. This guy is so frustrating. He is not better than Jonathan Stewart so he will be coming off of the bench. If you drafted Stewart make sure you lock up Williams.


42. Lance Dunbar - If you draft Murray make sure you handcuff him with Dunbar. Dunbar has supposedly surpassed Joseph Randle for the No. 2 spot on the Depth Chart. Dunbar runs hard and will definitely ease the pain if you lose Murray this year.

43. Mikel Leshoure - I honestly like Leshoure and think that he can be a starting RB in this league but he is entrenched as the No. 2 in Detroit. Leshoure will make his living off of Goal line carries. Handcuff Reggie Bush with Leshoure. Bush does have some injury concerns so protect your investment.

44. Bernard Pierce -  The Ravens supposedly love this guy. Surprisingly he had only 1 TD last season which came as a shock to me personally. I thought he was more of a TD vulture but I guess not. If you have Ray Rice you may want to Handcuff him with Bernard Pierce.

45. Jacquizz Rodgers - Rodgers is going  to get his carries. He is definitely entrenched as the No. 2 RB in ATL being that S-Jax is there now. Rodgers should probably be considered as a handcuff or as a wait and see prospect. 

46. Fred Jackson - Again I know it’s a recurring theme but draft Jackson as a handcuff to Spiller. If Spiller gets injured which happens you will be eternally grateful that you drafted Jackson because he is also a very good RB stuck behind a very good RB.

47. Denard Robinson - Robinson is explosive and the Jaguars are going to try to put the ball in his hands any way they can. He is going to line up all ove the field on offense. I see him in a similar role to Danny Woodhead or Darren Sproles.

48. Kendall Hunter - Hunter has supposedly looked very good since coming back from his torn Achilles tendon. James has been pushed into the No. 3 RB and Hunter has come one strong. If you draft Hunter may it be as a handcuff to Gore.

49. Rashad Jennings - Jennings is a solid RB playing behind Darren McFadden. The chances that Jennings gets a shot to play this year is great because Mcfadden cannot seem to stay healthy. Draft Jennings and stash him on your roster if you have that capability. If not draft him as a handcuff only to Darren McFadden.

50. Isaac Redman - Draft Isaac Redman if you don’t trust Le’Veon Bell. I think Bell is going to be huge this year but you never know so Redman could be a good pickup at the end of the day.






2013 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

2013 Fantasy Football QB Rankings:


1. Drew Brees - I know I know. What am i thinking right? Drew Brees has thrown for more touchdowns than any other QB in the last 2 years, yea he throws his fair share of Int’s but man is he consistent. He threw for 43 TD’s last year and he didn’t even have his head coach. Drew Brees has a tough year in 2013 in regards to weekly matchups, but it is hard to ignore the fact that for the past 2 years he has been the best QB in terms of passing touchdowns. Another reason to have him ranked ahead of Aaron Rodgers is that he is probably going to have to play all of week 17 to make the playoffs for those of you who still have their Fantasy Football championship that week.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers should continue to have a fantastic career this year. His matchups aren’t that bad and the emergence of Randall Cobb and James Jones will assist him. The biggest question to me is will he get any help from the new found youth in his RB’s. If Lacy or Franklin can alleviate some of the passing coverage thrown his way he will undoubtedly be the No. 1 Fantasy QB. I just don’t have alot of faith in those RB’s to 1) Stay healthy and 2) Pass Protect. I hope i’m wrong because I would love to see what Aaron Rodgers can do with a top flight RB in his backfield.

3. Peyton Manning - Although he did not look entirely himself last year in terms of velocity, Manning threw for 37 TD’s/11 Int’s. Now Manning has the addition of Wes Welker a receptions machine out of NE. There isn’t much to say about Manning except if you want a QB that will consistently but up solid numbers from week to week Manning is your man. I will say this though buyer beware because Manning is in uncharted territory with his neck injury, I highly doubt he will be injured but the possibility still exist that his prior injury could be a concern.

4. Matt Ryan - When I think of Ryan all I can think is damn this guy has Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and the newly acquired Steven Jackson? I think this will be Ryan’s best season yet, not just because he is progressing but I have a lot more faith in Steven Jackson than I did Michael Turner. Don’t get me wrong Turner was a great back but he hasn’t been the same player he was 2-3 years ago. I think Jackson will help the Falcons get over the hump and give Matt Ryan some lanes to throw through. Can you imagine the play action pass this year for the Falcons? This could be the year the Ryan leaps into the top 3 in Fantasy scoring.

5. Tom Brady - I know Brady has a tough season ahead of him with all of the distractions this offseason, but i am not going to let that deter me from ranking him in my top 5. Everytime New England faces adversity it’s like Brady and the hoodie (Bill Belichick) get angry and go crazy scoring points. New England has a tough schedule but that has never stopped them before. I like Brady to have a 30+ TD season, but one thing to note the Patriots ran the ball with the best of them last year and expect that trend to continue this year.

6. Robert Griffin III - If Griffin returns healthy off of an ACL tear, lookout! If there was no injury concern he would be ranked in my top 3. He is amazingly accurate and sooo fast. I think he is much better than Cam Newton. Before his injuries were a concern last year Griffin was the best Fantasy QB out there. If you do draft Griffin make sure you grab another QB high.

7. Tony Romo - I honestly believe Tony Romo gets a bad rap. He throws the ball with the best of them and he has and this year his offense is going to be explosive! Dez Bryant is finally putting it all together and if Miles Austin can stay healthy the sky is the limit for Tony Romo. Also Romo’s strength of schedule is not as bad as other QB’s in the top 10. I know this looks crazy but I am extremely high on Tony Romo this year to have a huge season, If you think i’m crazy just look at his matchups!

8. Cam Newton - The beginning of last year for Newton was atrocious! As much as I am intrigued by his athleticism I am not entirely sold on Newton. Still his dual threat capability ranks him at No. 6 in my rankings. Newton has one of the toughest schedules this year but I don’t think his season will start nearly as bad as it did last year.

9. Matthew Stafford - Stafford to me is an intriguing QB. I think he has all the capabilities to be one of the top QB’s in Fantasy football but injuries and consistency are a concern. The addition of Reggie Bush should help Stafford in terms of having a RB to catch the dump off pass whenever Stafford gets in trouble. I like Stafford because he is going to rip it over 600 times and he will get you TD’s.


10. Colin Kaepernick - Although the loss of Crabtree is going to hurt Kaepernick he is still going to be a top 10 fantasy QB. I know his lack of experience maybe a concern with some owners but he came in last year and DOMINATED the competition. I will buy into Kaepernick this year but I would also draft another QB just in case he has a similar season to Cam Newton last year.

11. Russell Wilson - I really liked Wilson last year and I like him this year as well. This is his offense, Wilson is going to run n’ gun all day long. As the season progressed Wilson just kept getting better and better. He was extremely consistent last year and I expect him to keep it up this year.

12. Eli Manning - Eli isn’t Peyton but he is still a very good QB. I think that if you rank Manning based on his last year performance you are doing yourself a disservice. Manning did not have one of his best WR’s for the majority of the season last year (Hakeem Nicks). I believe Manning is going to have a bounce back year this year.

13. Andrew Luck - I am not a huge fan of Luck this year. His Offensive cooridinator is now the head coach in Arizona (Bruce Arians). So what does Indianapolis do? They hire Pep Hamilton one of his former coaches from Stanford. Hamilton is much more of a rush oriented coordinator so Luck’s TD’s should see a decrease. Expect alot of 2 TE sets.

14. Carson Palmer - I think Carson Palmer is going to have a bounce back year in Arizona. Palmer teams up with Bruce Arians, Arians loves to gamble to throw it deep which plays in the strengths of Carson Palmer. Now don’t get me wrong there is risks in taking Palmer so if you do make sure you draft a solid back-up.

15. Ben RoethlisbergerBig Ben is consistently a good but not great fantasy starter. He will get you 20+ TD’s but will also get injured trying to save a play. Same applies to Roethlisberger as it did with Palmer, draft a serviceable back-up.

16. Philip Rivers - RIVERS! I mean wow. Rivers was a top 5-10 Fantasy QB just 2 years ago and know the more magazines and websites I read he just keeps going lower and lower in the 20′s. Rivers will have a bounce back year especially with Antonio Gates finally healthy.

17. Andy Dalton - Dalton should have a decent year, He has plenty of weapons on offense and they should light up the scoreboard on some weeks. One thing I am concerned with is the strength of schedule. Cincinnati has one of the worst schedules this year so take that into consideration.

18. Joe Flacco - I am very low on Flacco this year. He lost his security blankets in Dennis Pitta and Anquan Boldin. He is ranked so low because I think he will have difficulty surpassing 22 TD’s this year.

19. Ryan Tannehill - Depending on his offensive line, Tannehill could jump into the top 10 in fantasy scoring for QB’s. Tannehill has the weapons and the right offense so that he can make that leap. I am extremely excited to see what Tannehill is going to be able to do with a good WR core. SLEEPER Consideration.

20. Michael Vick - Vick can have a very good season this year if he can beat out Nick Foles. There is no denying that Chip Kelly’s offense fits Vick extremely well, if he can perform well this training camp and he wins the starting QB job he has a high ceiling.

21. Sam Bradford - Bradford has a plethora of Offensive Weapons this year. I don’t like him much due to his division but he should be a solid back up fantasy qb.

22. Jay Cutler - A few years ago I would’ve thought it was absurd to have Jay Cutler outside my top 15, but he can’t even crack this years top 20. Cutler has always had the potential but for some reason he can never put it all together. If Marc Treastman’s offense is a success in the NFL Jay Cutler will be a steal but that is a big IF.

23. Alex Smith - What can I say about Alex Smith? He is extremely consistent and should be able to develop in Andy Reid’s new West Coast Offense. SLEEPER Alert, yea thats right I said it Alex Smith a possible top flight fantasy QB, well top 15.

24. Matt Schaub - I have Schaub ranked so low because he is consistently mediocre. Schaub has the offensive skill weapons to produce but he has never been able to hit that 30 TD mark plateau and he was struggling last year. For this reason I have Schaub ranked so low as a very good back up QB. Another thing to consider with Matt Schaub is that there are reports out of training camp suggesting that Casey Keenum I repeat Casey Keenum may leapfrog T.J Yates as the back up QB and could possibly end up challenging Matt Schaub for the starting gig. 

25. Josh Freeman - If you asked me last year I probably would’ve had Freeman ranked at about #17. This year all his weapons return and he has a chance to build on a good fantasy season that he had last year, but I just don’t see the team as 100% behind Josh Freeman. I think Schiano is waiting for him to mess up so he can put in his draft pick Mike Glennon.

26. Brandon Weeden - Weeden has the potential but I just don’t see him as being more than a backup fantasy QB, maybe even third string. He has some good weapons and a solid running game so I may be wrong, but I would like for him to show me first. I am not going to go all in on Brandon Weeden at any point this year unless he is absolutely miraculous.

27. EJ Manuel - With the recent success of rookie QB’s I just don’t see how Buffalo will choose Kolb over Manuel. Surprisingly I think Manuel may have a pretty strong season. He has a very good running game (CJ Spiller) and he can throw when they need him to, not to mention that he is a fast runner as well. I think Manuel is someone you keep your eye on as a potential star but don’t draft him as such. Keep your eye on him and decide if you think he is worth the roster spot. 

28. Jake Locker - Locker may surprise alot of people and become fantasy relevant this season. His wideouts are young but very talented, his RB (Chris Johnson) is a speed demon. IF Locker can stay healthy he can have a very good season BUT that’s a BIG IF. They bolstered the offensive line so that should keep him upright. Keep your eye on him don’t think he is going to be the next messiah right away.

29. Christian Ponder - If your looking for a QB that good huge upgrades with his WR’s and may not do anything with the upgrades than look no further because Ponder is your man. No but seriously I don’t know what it is but I just don’t see that IT factor when it comes to Ponder. He may prove me wrong which I hope he does because he seems like he works hard and wants to be good. If you have Ponder on your roster I hope he is your backup or your backup’s backup.

30. Matt Flynn - Flynn, Flynn, Flynn it seems like he finally is going to have a chance to be a starter in the NFL. The problem is that it’s not on a very good team. I think Flynn is a good QB who can read defenses and will take what they are giving to him but I don’t think he will be fantasy relevant unless Rod Streater and Denarius Moore step up BIG.

31. Blaine Gabbert - I have no faith in Blaine Gabbert but I think he is going to win the job over Henne based on a technicality. He was a 1st rounder and Henne came via free agency. The offense moves alot better under Checkdown Chad but Gabbert will most likely win the job. Next…

32. Mark Sanchez - Rex is going to select Sanchez as his starting QB because deep down he is in love with the man. No seriously I think he is. Anyway tough schedule and he throws alot of picks. Sanchez should be nothing more than waiver wire fodder this year.

33. Nick Foles - If Foles can beat out Vick in training camp he just wayyyy up on this list if not, he stays right here just in case of injury to Vick. Strong arm and has good command of the huddle. Could have a very strong season if given the chance.

34. Chad “Checkdown” Henne - I hope to the love of god or whatever god you pray to that Henne wins the job in Jacksonville because that instantly increases the stock of every player on the roster. He has much better command of the offense and he slings it better to. If he could read a defense he would be a relevant fantasy QB, thats a HUGE IF.

35. Geno Smith - Telegraphs his passes and can’t read a defense. Already injured his ankle and I just don’t think he is going to beat out Mark Sanchez right away but keep your eye on him.


2013 Fantasy Football

The 2013 Fantasy Football season is finally here! If your like me you have been waiting for your leagues draft day since the day after the draft. I enjoy researching the players and ranking them not only based off their potential but weekly matchups as well. I just have to say I hope your ready because a lot has changed this year. Depending on your leagues scoring system the gap at the QB position is not as wide as it has been in years passed. So many teams are transitioning to RBC (running back by committee) which dilutes the RB pool. I will be going over the rankings for every position in detailed in later posts. I hope this website/blog will help you get to that championship you so desperately crave!